7th Grade Math

Missing Original, Missing Factor, Missing Copy.  The handout is available in class.

Tonight's homework was a Multiplication String 1.  The handout is available in class.

Class will not meet today.

Scaled or Not Scaled
The handout is available in class.

Making Scaled Copies 1
The handout is available in class.

Similar Triangles
The handout is available in class.

More Look Alike Initials
This assignment follows up on Look Alike Initials but asks you to make initials that are 3 or 4 times the size of the original AND 1/2 OR 1/4 the size of the original.

Look Alike Initials

Make graph paper or bubble letters for at least two of your initials.  Make a look-alike (similar) copy that is larger or smaller than your original.

How Many Quadrilaterals is a handout available in class.  You can make your own handout by following this link.

How Many Rectangles
Follow this link or get a handout in class. 


Personal Homework Plan

We all have different strengths and struggles.  I want you to bring your strengths and your struggles with you to this class every day.  This class is going to be exciting and you are going to have the best school year you have ever had.  The purpose of this assignment is for you to think about and communicate some things that you need to work on or remember to have the best year ever.  

In five complete sentences, you will answer any or all of these five questions.

  • What do you need to say to yourself to keep going if the homework is hard?
  • Who is a person you can talk to for help with your homework?
  • What will you do if you are not sure what the homework is?
  • What are some things that distract you from finishing your homework and what will you do so those things don’t get in your way?
  • Where will you do your homework?
  • When will you complete your homework?
  • How will you know that you have done your best on the homework?
  • How will you make sure you have the tools you need to complete your homework?
  • What plan will you make to be sure that your homework is with you at the beginning of class and that you turn it in by the homework deadline?


Geometry Challenge

Draw an 11 x 13 rectangle.  What is the fewest number of squares that it takes to fill the rectangle?

In order to be ready to learn in Ms. Dean’s class, please bring the following tomorrow, Friday, September 8.

  • Pen or pencil (at least 2)
  • 1- or 2-inch binder
  • Lined paper (at least one package)
  • Graph paper (at least one package)
  • 5 dividers

Here is a preview of what your binder will look like: