JAMS 6th Grade

Raffle Winnings, Dogs & Cats, and Free-throws

Solve each with a ratio tape diagram.

Carrie and Paul both won the cash prizes in the raffle! Carrie won ⅔ as much as Paul did. If Paul received $36, how much money did Carrie get?

Dogs outnumber cats by a ratio of 9 to 8.  If there are 180 dogs in the neighborhood, how many cats are there?

Amy makes 4 of her first 9 shots in the first third of the basketball free throw contest.  If her success rate stays about the same for the whole contest, how many shots will she make and how many will she miss?

10/11/17 (morning class only)

Lena’s Printer Paper

Lena finds two boxes of printer paper in the teacher supply room.  The ratio of the pack of paper in Box A to the packs of paper in Box B is 4:3.  If half the paper in Box A is moved to Box B, what is the new ratio of packs of printer paper in Box A to Box B?

Solve with a ratio tape diagram and in one other way.

Revisit Does it Reflect Light?

Josie’s Test

Josie took an end of the year vocabulary test in Ms. Smith’s class.  The ratio of the number words she got incorrect to the number of words she got correct was 2:9.  If Josie missed 8 words, how many did she get right?  How many words were there on the whole test? Solve with a ratio tape diagram and in one other way.

Mason and Laney

Mason and Laney ran laps to train for the long distance running team.  The ratio of the number of laps Mason ran to the number of laps Laney ran was 2 to 3.  If Mason ran 4 miles, how far did Laney run?  If Laney ran 930 meters how far did Mason run?

Cats and Fruit. Handout available in class.

Sharing Brownies. Handout available in class.

Finish Sharing Pizza. This problem was started in class today.

Handout available in class.

Orangy Orange Juice
Finish what you started in class, showing your answer makes sense in at least two different ways.


While playing basketball, Amy’s heart rate goes up to 160 beats per minute. While jogging, her heart beats 25 times in 10 seconds. Assuming her heart beats at a constant rate while jogging, which of these activities resulted in a higher heart rate? Explain your reasoning.

The afternoon class only will complete "Does It Reflect Light?"

Chocolate MilkshakeIf you blend 2 scoops of chocolate ice cream with 1 cup of milk, you get a milkshake with a stronger chocolate flavor than if you blended 3 scoops of chocolate ice cream with 2 cups of milk. Explain or show why.

The Balloon Problem

Ellen, Jim, and Steve bought three helium balloons and paid $2 for all three.

They decided to go back to the store and buy enough balloons for everyone in the class. The needed 24 in all. How much did they pay?

Blue Paint and Art Paste
The handout is available in class. 

Postcard to yourself: Use the notes you have in your binder to write an illustrated postcard to your future self that will remind you of what you need to remember about your brain in order to learn as much as you can this year.

Ratios at home or in the nieghborhood
Tonight's homework is to find things to compare using ratios. Find three unfair (or bad) situations and three fair (or good) situations.   For each, identify the ratio and then explain why you chose each ratio in a complete sentence.
Here is a home example: At my house we have rubber boot to person ratio of 2:3.  This is bad because when we all want to wear rubber boots there are not enough to go around.  

Here is a neighborhood example:  At Westside Lanes which has 32 lanes,  the area of bar is about the size of two lanes so the ratio of of bar area to lane area is 2:32, or 1:16.  This is good because kids can’t go into bars and they need places to hang out too.

Birthday Candles -- Please write 3 complete sentences.

Read and write notes (four complete sentences) on Sources of Light

Tonight's homework is "Apple in the Dark." You do not have to do the experiment unless you want to. Choose the best answer and write three complete sentences to support your claim.

Tonight's homework is to make your own graph on the back of your personal recording sheet: A Picture is Worth a LOT of Words.

Decorate a frame with at least four icons that tell the class something about who you are. Use the piece of paper you got in class today. Borders should be about 3/4 inch all around. You make use Ms. Dean's frame below as an example.

Mystery Cylinder Diagram
Make a diagram of what you think is happening in the cylinder.  (Accurate, Big, Detailed, Labeled)

Welcome to sixth grade. We had a fabulous first day. Most students have set up their binder according to the following guidelines, and all should have a copy of the following directions in their binder. Please check in with your sixth grader to find out if they need help getting their binder to meet the expectations below. If there is anything you think you and I should talk about, please email me at jdean@osd.wednet.edu

Binder Organization
The binder structure will help you stay organized, which will save you time and stress. Whenever we have binder checks,  I will look for:

Five sections, each separated by a labeled divider:
  1. Journal -- in date order with a table of contents
  2. Homework -- current ‘do now’ assignments
  3. Toolkit -- important concepts and words to remember
  4. Portfolio -- the math and science learning that makes you feel most proud
  5. Extra Paper

Two pencils, about 30 sheets of graph paper, about 50 sheets of lined paper, a pencil pouch.

All papers must be in date order and through the rings of the binder.